A Unique Service for Your Web Presence

Tiiws.com grew over years to a “One-of-a-Kind” service for web design, web hosting, domain registration and SEO services.

Tiiws.com focuses on full service. Our customers do not have to bother around with irritating panels, programming language, or marketing strategies. That’s all work done by Tiiws.com. The customer just needs to focus on his business and revenue.

Web Design

Tiiws.com works with its customers very close in order to receive best results for customers’ web presence. A major advantage for the customer: No need to have any HTML or other programming skills. We talk and explain in plain and simple to understand English.

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Tiiws.com’s hosting service is per invitation only.

Today website hosting is a self service system. Usually the website owner has to access his hosting panel to maintain his website himself, which often becomes to an irritating task. – Not so with Tiiws.com!

Tiiws.com is one of the few left overs (if not the last one) providing full service. By hosting your website with Tiiws.com you hand over all necessary maintenance work. You do NOT need any technical skills in order to have your website maintained in a professional way. Tiiws.com does the work for you.

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Domain Registration

Registering the best domain for your business is a sensitive task. You cannot use any name if you want your website easy to be found by your potential customers.

Tiiws.com brainstorms with its customers and also delivers suggestions on domain names to be registered. This is one of many tasks to receive best possible listing results.

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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a critical task. Not taking care of good SEO work may result that your website will not be found in Search Engines. We still perform “hand picking” at our SEO work and therefore constantly receive best listing results.

Contrary to many teachings out there it is not necessary to have a perfect “Google Ranking” to be listed on the first pages of Search Engines. It much more is important to have the correct keywords and search phrases in the content of a website.

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